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Where do you put YOUR instrument down?  Introducing “Blayman’s Last Stand”……the last stand you will ever need.  These stands are practically indestructible.  The patented Blayman Vent-Peg ™ allows air to circulate through your instrument while it is safely resting on its steel base.  The sturdy ˝” thick steel base is virtually impossible to tip over. 


We have pegs designed for the Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn, Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Eb Clarinet, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and Straight Soprano Saxophone.  In addition, we make 3 different bases to accommodate various combinations of instruments.  Our Bass Clarinet and Bassoon stands are the safest and sturdiest in the business, and are available in a “Doubler” edition, which holds up to 5 instruments.


So do as the leading artists in the major symphonies do.  Avoid breakage, repair expense, and lost time by using a Blayman Stand.

The Herb Blayman Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece was designed by Mr. Blayman to meet the exacting standards of the professional clarinetist.  These mouthpieces are extremely "reed friendly", making them an excellent choice for student clarinetists as well.

For 30 years, Blayman Clarinet Mouthpieces have been known for producing a warm, rich tone with excellent response at all dynamic levels.  We have resumed production of these classic mouthpieces using the same design, moulds, and finishing techniques as the master himself. 

Even though Mr. Blayman is now retired from hands-on production, each mouthpiece is still professionally play tested and hand finished to Herb's original specifications prior to leaving our shop.

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"Play your best.......play on a Blayman Clarinet Mouthpiece"


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