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Blayman Product Catalog

(Bases and Pegs Sold Separately)

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Clarinet and Double Reed Stands Flute and Piccolo Stands
Bass Clarinet and Bassoon Stands Brass and Soprano Sax Stands
Herb Blayman Clarinet Mouthpieces Mouthpiece Cushions
Bases Replacement Parts




Clarinet and Double Reed Stands

(Bases and Pegs Sold Separately)



Clarinet Peg

This peg may be used with Bb, A, and some C clarinets.


Retail Price:  $55.99

Eb Clarinet Peg

(May also fit some C clarinets)

(3-inch riser included)

Retail Price:  $59.99
Oboe Peg Retail Price:  $49.99
English Horn Peg Retail Price:  $49.99


Flute and Piccolo Stands

(Bases and Pegs Sold Separately)


Flute Peg Retail Price:  $45.99
Alto Flute Peg Retail Price:  $69.99
Bass Flute Peg Retail Price:  $56.49
Piccolo Peg Retail Price:  $66.99


Brass and Soprano Saxophone Stands

(Bases and Pegs Sold Separately)



Trumpet Peg

(3-inch riser included)


Retail Price:  $72.99

Flugelhorn Peg

(3-inch riser included)


Retail Price:  $72.99

Straight Soprano Sax Stand

(3-inch riser included)


Retail Price:  $72.99


Bass Clarinet and Bassoon Stands



Bass Clarinet Stand

This is the grand-daddy of all stands. Rock solid and built to last a lifetime. The vertical shaft is adjustable and secures the top of the instrument with a Velcro strap.

With the Optional "Doubler" kit, you can attach 2 legs, which will hold 4 additional instrument pegs (see below).


Retail Price:  $379.99
Bassoon Stand

Identical to the Bass Clarinet Stand.  This baby is built to last!

Retail Price:  $379.99

Doubler Kit for Bass Clarinet or Bassoon Stand

The Doubler kit consists of 2 solid steel legs, which attach to your existing stand (hardware included). Each leg will hold 2 instrument pegs, for a total of 4 additional instruments. Legs detach easily for travel.

(Photo at left shows stand with Doubler Legs attached).

If your Bass Clarinet / Bassoon Stand does not have pre-drilled holes in the base, CLICK HERE.


Retail Price:  $59.99

(legs and hardware only)



(Bases and Pegs Sold Separately)


5 x 5 inch Base

(Holds 1 or 2 Pegs)

Retail Price:  $73.99
5 x 8 inch Base

(Holds up to 3 Pegs)

Retail Price:  $84.99

5 x 8 inch, 2-Hole Base

(Specially designed to support 2 large-belled instruments, such as 2 Trumpets, or 1 Trumpet and 1 Flugelhorn.)


Retail Price:  $84.99
8 inch Octagonal Base

(Holds up to 4 Pegs)

Retail Price: $129.99


Herb Blayman Clarinet Mouthpieces


The Herb Blayman Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece was designed by Mr. Blayman to meet the exacting standards of the professional clarinetist.  These mouthpieces are extremely "reed friendly", making them an excellent choice for student clarinetists as well.  For this reason, Blayman mouthpieces can be found in World-Class Symphony Orchestras, as well as in High School Band Rooms literally around the world.

For 30 years, Blayman Clarinet Mouthpieces have been known for producing a warm, rich tone with excellent response at all dynamic levels.  We have resumed production of these classic mouthpieces using the same design, moulds, and finishing techniques as the master himself. 

Even though Mr. Blayman is now retired from hands-on production, each mouthpiece is still professionally play tested and hand finished to Herb's original specifications prior to leaving our shop.

"Play your best.......play on a Blayman Clarinet Mouthpiece"

Retail Price:  $135

Blayman mouthpieces are offered in 4 different facings (H*E*R*B) to suit the individual player's specific needs:

  • H Facing -- This Close facing has a Tip Opening of 105           (1.05mm)
  • E Facing -- Our most popular facing is the Medium E facing and has a Tip Opening of 110 (1.10 mm)
  • R Facing -- This facing is Open, with a Tip Opening of 115 (1.15 mm)
  • B Facing -- The B facing is Very Open and has a Tip Opening of 120 (1.20 mm)
Click HERE for our Mouthpiece Trial Policy



Mouthpiece Cushions


Herb Blayman Mouthpiece Cushions

Designed by Herb Blayman to protect the player’s bite and mouthpiece without compromising the embouchure.

Works for Clarinet and Saxophone!


Retail Price:  $8.99

 (4 per pack)


Replacement Parts

Piccolo Peg Insert Retail Price:  $23.49
3-inch Black Delrin Riser Retail Price:  $27.49
Round Rubber Ball for Soprano Sax & Flugelhorn Peg Retail Price:  $8.99
Foam Cushion for Bass Clarinet & Bassoon Stand Retail Price:  $8.99


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